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Formula Student Germany

06.08.2018 - 12.08.2018


On Tuesday evening, we planned our journey to Hockenheim. Of course, it would be too easy for such a day to pass without incident: Thanks to oil entering the mixture via the turbocharger during acceleration testing, we ended up with damaged piston rings.

We rushed around to find the required spare parts and spent the night repairing the engine. This time we had more success and started out on our journey to Hockenheim tired but full of anticipation.


We arrived in Hockenheim on Wednesday morning and were allocated a tent where we could assemble our “box”.

This is where we spent most of our time over the coming days. Apart from our workstation, the box also contained a spare parts warehouse, relaxing zone, a meeting room and a cafeteria.


The event is one of the largest of its kind; thousands of students travel here from all over the world to compete against each other. In addition to the main event there are numerous stands provided by the sponsors.


Many stands, table football games and plenty of alternatives for eating and drinking were provided. Not to mention the endless provision of free ice-cream.


Our camping site was only a short distance from the main arena. We had bought sufficient provisions to keep us going for the coming days. Here we are relaxing at the end of a long day enjoying a few beers together.

Thursday morning was our time for the static disciplines. In the design report section we had the opportunity to explain the thinking behind our vehicle concept to the judges. We also presented our cost report and business plan and to close out the static section.


By Friday afternoon we had made it through the technical checks and could proceed to the Acceleration. On Saturday the team successfully completed the Autocross section.


Sunday was the last day and had the most important events. Internal combustion engine driven and electric powered cars must withstand the endurance test. Several cars of similar speed are driven at racing speed over a distance of 22 km, including a change of driver. Our team managed to make it through this section successfully. The team’s joy at our success was immense. Our joy was short-lived, however, as the endurance trial had caused multiple defects in our racing car so that we failed to pass the technical check at the end of the test. Due to this, we failed to pass the endurance phase.

The event organisers had arranged a prize-giving ceremony followed by an afterparty for the final evening. All the teams got together to celebrate their participation in the FSG with good food, beer and music.


This year we invested a lot of time, energy and fun into building our second racing car. 2018 was the first year that a team from AMDA had taken part in the dynamic disciplines and was therefore a great success for us.  We will start the new season highly motivated and stronger than ever in order to pursue our ideas and achieve our full potential. 2018 gave us the opportunity to meet numerous excellent teams and to participate in a fun-filled, positive event. Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters and friends!

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