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Abous Us

AMDA is a student group within the Technical University of Darmstadt. We are a group of 30 active members who work together in our free time to design and build an entirnal embustion engine drivin racing car. Our objective is to participate in the Formula Student events with a new car every year.

We are looking for new people to expand our team and to work with us to make a great start in the new season. Please contact us if you are interested to get involved in our activity and would like to get to know our club. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our student group. We look forward to meeting you.

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Wie soll unser diesjähriges Rennauto aufgebaut sein? Gemeinsam überlegen wir uns jährlich ein neues Konzept.

Haben wir unser Grundkonzept erarbeitet, kümmern sich die jeweiligen Bereiche um die Bauteile und Fertigung unseres Fahrzeuges.

Construction Phase

Anfang Dezember starten wir mit der Konstruktion unseres Rennautos in CAD.

Formula Student

Schließlich qualifiziert sich AMDA für die kommenden Formula Student Events. 

Our approach



Our Contempencies



We work in our functional groups to develop the individual components that come together to make our racing car. We’re constantly evaluating new ideas to further optimise our vehicle. 


and assembly




Our Garage

Rennautos 2017 & 2018


AMDA builds racing cars with internal combustion engines. 2018 we built our second vehicle and are now working on our new projectYou will find information about  our current racing car below.


AMDA `18

turbocharged KTM LC4 engine with intercooler

electric shifting system

lasermelted, topology optimized wheel carriers

self developed control units with 100Mbit Wifi connection

AMDA '17

KTM EXC 450 engine with increased displacement

electric shifting system

steel tube frame

double wishbone suspension for 13" wheels

self developed control units


Formula Student



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our participations

20.07.17 - 23.07.17    Formula Student East

06.08.18 - 12.08.18    Formula Student Germany

Formula Student

The Formula Student is an international competition for teams of students. Self designed and constructed formula cars are battling each other in events around the world. The goal is to figure out the best concepts within the borders of the rules and limited resources. Participating at Formula Student expands the theoretical study contents to practical experience in the fields of designing, construction, testing and project management.